Ratification of 802.11n

•09/11/2009 • Leave a Comment

With the ratification of Signal Transmission/Communication Standard 802.11n, 80% of businesses, by the year 2012, will have to support not only the new standard but also their legacy 802.11a/b/g clients – how will this impact the way companies do business?


RIAA in the news

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Well, it seems the RIAA is cutting their teeth yet again on trying to keep people from supposedly stealing songs…depending on how you go about it and on whether you share your collection, can any issues really be raised?

In the news

•08/20/2009 • 2 Comments

With the release of Windows 7 due this October, people are worried that if they have older versions, even XP or Vista that they will no longer be able to obtain support if they have an issue with their OS